What Our Community Says

Veda is one of the kindest, gentlest people I have met. She knows how to help others with her knowledge and intuition. A Lovely Experience.

This was a spiritual experience [Slow Flow with Sound Healing]!!!! Veda has a special energy about her & I was able to calm my mind which is extremely difficult for me to do. I will definitely be back!


This was a really cool experience! I have never done Reiki so I was open to learning more about it. As always, Veda was thorough in her explanations both before and after the session. I had several sensations of energy shifting in my body, and will leave with a better understanding of Reiki and balancing overall.

Cathy F.

When I began my series of sessions for yoga therapy with Veda, I did not have the proper understanding of what to expect. Thankfully, I entered with an open mind and willingness to
learn. Through each session, I experienced a unique and profound sensation and growing awareness of how my brain, emotions and body work together We explored several
approaches of breathing exercises, guided meditations and body work throughout the series. I would highly recommend this program with Veda for anyone who is curious and seeking
a greater understanding of themselves.

Cathy F.

Through the flowing beautiful energy of the AumaKhua-Ki session I received from Veda, I was able to connect deeper within myself for the guidance I needed to continue my healing journey. She created a loving and supportive environment that helped me find the balance I needed. I felt a lot of energy from within; vibrations during the session that helped me later understand that a loving change was happening. I embraced each moment and look forward to more sessions. Thank you Veda!

Rasa Sidabras
Great restorative class [Restorative Remedies]. I appreciate the depth of knowledge of the instructor. Very informative and healing class. I had a lot of personal take-aways from this class.
Cassie S. Via MBo at Surya Yoga
Veda is awesome! Great class [Slow Flow with Sound Healing] that allows me to relax, yet release built up energy at the same time.
Drew N. Via MBo at Surya Yoga
I felt that the Yoga Therapy sessions were tailored very specifically to my needs. I am incredibly grateful to have had this experience and to help Veda on this amazing journey. Her clients will be forever changed for their good + wholeness. 
NANce M. Group Yoga Therapy Case Study

I loved the sessions. I received tools that applied into life and I feel like a baby bird ready to leave the nest. It still rings true almost a year later and I continue to benefit from what I learned in our sessions. So thankful for our sessions and what they taught me about yoga misconceptions… and myself!

Kayla H. Virtual Yoga Therapy Sessions

Each session led to a plan and implementation. She systematically led us using our comments and insights to develop an understanding of the process. She was "with us" the entire way. It was better than anticipated! Very positive.

Michael M. Group Yoga Therapy Case Study

This class [Slow Flow with Sound Healing] was the perfect balance of relaxation and movement. Veda is great at giving feedback, adjustments, and alternatives to poses. I will definitely be back for this class. 

Markie W. Via MBo at Surya Yoga

Veda is one of my favorite all time yoga teachers! She is so thoughtful and caring, helps cultivate peace and joy in the entire room for all. It was such a great experience in the deep stretch and sound healing class [Yoga Stretch and Sound]. 

Rose C. Via MBo at Surya Yoga

My AumaKhua-Ki sessions with Veda have been wonderful. The energy feels unique and very high-vibration. I leave the sessions feeling more centered and energetically-balanced. Veda handles each session with the utmost care, and I always feel supported. 

Cortney S.

I have been taking Veda's wonderful group yoga classes for the past few years and recently opted for private sessions in her lovely home studio. I have benefited tremendously from her teachings including yoga, meditation and breath work for managing anxiety, stress and disc related pain. She always takes the time to focus on my needs and leaves time for discussion before and after each session. She also follows up with info I can use to practice in my daily life. Veda's huge heart and enthusiasm is infectious and you always feel so good after being in her presence. She truly cares about her clients and community. I am so grateful for our connection and highly recommend her to anyone looking to start or expand their yoga practice.

Alissa Arredondo
I started doing Veda's Yoga Remedies class and Gentle Yoga class at Surya last summer I was instantly hooked on her classes, largely due to the environment she creates. She focuses on providing a safe, comfortable and happy place to practice and fosters a sense of community between the students. I personally appreciate her pacing and the prompted guiding she provides. Although I have done yoga previously, it was very helpful to have her calm step-by-step instruction and demonstration. It is very clear she develops a lesson plan for each class and sets an intention for how to proceeds. She provides additional information and explanation as to why things happen in your body, or the reason behind the pose and why release may occur In the spring and fall, I love to hike, but I'll be back to yoga as the weather warms up outside and I'm already so looking forward to attending her classes again.
Cathy F.

If you are a yoga student and want a superb teacher, please attend any of Veda Spidle's classes and her office workers' workshop. For 2 hours, I reveled in Veda's excellent teaching. She is passionate about her subject as well as humorous and welcome to questions

Amy Kraft

A dedicated teacher, always learning and showing us a way to integrate the changes in life. An inspiration to the world as a whole. Veda offers many classes, they are all wonderful. The restorative yoga class is one of a kind, my favorite. I would recommend for everyone! Thank you!

Rasa Sidabras

Veda is an amazingly knowledgeable and informative yoga teacher, as well as one with a huge heart which comes across so easily with her teachings. I always feel safe and nurtured in her classes, not just on an emotional level but also on a physical one, as she is very focused on proper alignment so that students can fully receive the multitude of benefits that come from a yoga practice. I've watched Veda grow into being the full embodiment of a teacher throughout the years, and always leave her classes feeling refreshed, centered and content in body, mind and soul. Thank you, Veda, for sharing your heart and your wisdom with us! XO

Julie Lemerond

Veda is an excellent yoga instructor! My boyfriend and I take private classes with her and we absolutely love them! She is patient, will take time to teach proper technique and will teach modifications if needed. She also takes time to tailor the classes based on your requirements. After class we feel rejuvenated and relaxed. She will also share poses that can be practiced at home. I highly recommend Veda, she is truly awesome!!!


I have been to multiple classes with Veda and her knowledge and demeanor of different types of Yoga was fantastic. Really enjoyed her classes her voice is perfect for teaching and will be back again. I highly recommend her!!

Daniel Cole

Veda is a great instructor! She is so joyful, energetic and interactive with her students. During her classes, she speaks loudly, clearly and slowly which makes it easier to understand for beginners like myself. I liked when Veda demonstrated the poses and I enjoyed the partner work. It was nice to get off the mat. I can't wait to take another class with Veda!

Jennifer La