Our Story

Sama, in Sanskrit, means equilibrium, evenness, or balance. Our mission is to help individuals find harmony in their lives, by integrating body, mind, and spirit through the therapeutic lens of yoga.

The foundation of Sama Integrative Wellness℠ found its roots from a company that was originally named, The Karuna Tree. Sama’s founder, Veda, offered private and public classes that were focused on alignment for both the physical and mental bodies. As time went on, Veda felt an internal calling to go deeper into the teachings of yoga. This journey led her to Yoga Therapy, which gave more Western science-based validity to using yoga therapeutically.  Veda’s expansive depth of study allows her to further support others in using yogic tools and other holistic modalities in real-life applications. Upon completion of the 4-year The Amrit Institute Yoga Therapy program, The Karuna Tree grew into Sama Integrative Wellness℠.

At Sama, we believe in the power of connection—connection to self, to others, and to the world around us. We're honored to be part of our clients' journeys. We are passionate about holding space for them to remember their inner wisdom and strength; supporting them in supporting themselves.